By | June 5, 2015

The title of this post describes the season that we have been having here in NE North Dakota.

A variable season took its toll on those that farm the land, on vegetable gardens, and on trees when temperatures dipped down into the 20’s to kill emerging crops, and buds.

We aren’t the warmest place on earth but usually by this time of the year we can tell what season we are supposed to be in!

Some of the producers are on their third go around for putting the seeds in the ground, huge profit loss for an already risky business. Have to love the folks that are willing to take those risks to feed all of us! It must be true what they say about the three choices in life, especially when it comes to farming in years like this one:

You can; give in, give up or give it all you’ve got!

I hope the coming summer and fall is not as unsettled as this spring/winter has been.

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