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9-1-1 Hangups

When you mistakenly dial 9-1-1, you would think you’d be safe hanging up right away if the phone doesn’t even ring, right? NOPE, WRONG, 9-1-1 calls come in on special equipment, they present the call to us before it even rings on your end. Mistakes happen, whether it’s a pocket dial, you pressed that special… Read More »

Text to 911

How to text 911 Texting 911 may be the first contact for 

Road Conditions and Your Winter Travel Kit

If you have to travel here are links to the road reports for ND and the surrounding areas North Dakota Minnesota Manitoba South Dakota Survival kit for winter driving: BLANKETS!!! I can’t stress this enough, warmth is so very important!!! You can build a little cooker/heater, just research it on google or your web browser!… Read More »

It’s Severe Winter Weather Awareness Week

Winter in North Dakota can be a wonderful season with lots to do for out door fun. It can be a great family building time for games, stories and all those things that you don’t have time for when everyone is enjoying the summer sun. But, it can also be harsh and life threatening if… Read More »