Winter Travel Kit

Storm on the way?  Update-refresh your winter driving survival kit and place it in your car. A handy item to put in is called an emergency survival blanket. They are made of thermal material that was developed for use in space. This material reflects back 90% of body heat, it’s small when packaged and opens to 84 inches long by 52 inches wide. The packet I have in front of me cost under $3.00, and was purchased in the camping section of the store.

Winter Survival Kit components below;

Survival kit for winter driving:

  • BLANKETS!!! I can’t stress this enough, warmth is so very important!!!

■ Coffee can or other empty and clean food can
■ 60-inch length string (cut into 3 equal pieces – used to suspend can)
■ 3 large safety pins (tie string to safety pins and pin to car roof interior to suspend can
over candle)
■ 1 candle 2″ diameter (place on lid under suspended can for melting snow). Canned
Sterno will also work to heat water. 2 books of matches.
■ 1 pocket knife, reasonably sharp (or substitute with scissors)
■ 3 pieces of bright cloth 2″ wide x 36″ long (tie to antenna or door handle)
■ Several packets of soup, hot chocolate, tea, bouillon cubes, etc. (mixed into melted
snow to provide warmth and nutrition)
■ Plastic spoons
■ Packages of easy to eat, high energy foods like peanuts and candy or canned, ready-to eat
soups or fruit
■ 1 pair of socks and 1 pair of gloves or glove liners; cotton is not recommended because
it provides no insulation when wet).
■ Extra clothing and a blanket or sleeping bag Or a few of the above mentioned blankets!

■ 1 flash light and batteries (keep separate)
■ First aid kit
■ Toilet paper and sealable container for bathroom purposes
■ Fire extinguisher
■ Small tool kit
■ Ice scraper/snow brush
■ Shovel
■ Sand or other traction aid
■ Tow rope or chain
■ Jumper cables
■ Road flares or warning lights
■ Gas line antifreeze
■ Large plastic garbage bag
■ Pencil stub and paper
■ Plastic whistle
■ Cellular phone with a charger
You may want to keep the survival kit in the passenger compartment in case you go into a
ditch and can’t get to or open the trunk.
Place all items in a plastic storage container and place it in your vehicle. In North Dakota it’s a
good idea to put it in there in October!

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