Links to Winter Preparedness

The Ready site link above has so much great winter preparedness information. It is proven that those that have a plan have a much better chance of surviving severe winter weather. So go ahead, click the link, make a plan. Have a Happy 2014!!

winter driving

Winter Survival Kit link


Please take a look at the link below to some winter survival kit ideas and good advice

if you are stuck in your vehicle during the upcoming cold winter months!

Power outage checklist

When the power goes out



Make a Plan

This fall, sit down with your family and develop a plan. You’ll feel much better when an emergency or disaster occurs if you can have contact with your family. Figure out how to communicate in a disaster. Where will you meet up? What if you can’t be the one to pick up your young children? Plan now, it will bring you peace of mind.

For a plan template you can either download or fill in online click the link!

Halloween Safety Tips for All



With Halloween Trick or Treats coming up click this link for some safety tips from the Center for Disease Control.

Have a spooky, safe time!

Need to Buy a Generator?

Here is a link with information on information you need to know to buy a generator.

A generator can keep you and your home warm, your family entertained, run your pumps, keep you cool. You need to know what size generator it takes to do what you want though. The link above is an informative document that I used when purchasing one for our home and livestock barn.

Some Information on Carbon Monoxide and Detectors

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas that kills.

From Wikipedia information on Carbon Monoxide detectors.

I hope the snow doesn’t fly for awhile, but you never know. So be prepared to handle it!