Need to Buy a Generator?

Here is a link with information on information you need to know to buy a generator.

A generator can keep you and your home warm, your family entertained, run you pumps, keep you cool. You need to know what generator it takes to do what you want though. The link above is an informative document that I used when purchasing one for our home and livestock barn.

Controlled Burn Procedures


Cavalier County has issued the following procedures for landowners, contractors, equipment operators, and outdoor enthusiasts when engaged in open area controlled burning situations.  

 The following procedures are to ensure that open burning is coordinated with the proper authorities for maximum safety to both people and property.

  1. Contact the Cavalier County Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) at 256-2555 before a controlled burn is started so that emergency responders are not dispatched for reports of fire, when in fact it is a controlled burn.  Be prepared to give your name, contact number, location of the controlled burn and anticipated duration of the burn.  After the burning is completed and the fire is out, contact the PSAP again at 256-2555 to inform them of the completion.

  2. Controlled burns need to be physically manned and monitored at all times.  Once the fire has been started, do not leave the site unattended until the fire is completely out.

  3. Be prepared if the fire gets out of hand!  Call 9-1-1 immediately and have resources available to mitigate the effects (e.g. tractor, digger, shovels, etc.).

You are urged to check the North Dakota Fire Danger Rating prior to any controlled burn.  This information and current fire danger ratings are available on the following Web site:

Fire Danger Map


Pembina Gorge Search & Rescue

On July 13th 2015, at 5:30 in the evening, 40 people turned out for a search and rescue exercise in the Pembina Gorge. Responders set up command at the trail head to the North Dakota Park & Recreation, off-highway vehicle trail system ,

Responder departments included, Walhalla Fire, Langdon Fire and Rescue, ND Park and Recreation, ND Game and Fish, U.S. Border Patrol, Langdon and Walhalla EMS, Pembina County Emergency Communications (HAM radio). The responders were tasked with locating a missing person, in rugged terrain, with little to no communication between them.

Pembina Gorge Search and Rescue Exercise 7.13.2015

The exercise was extremely successful since all of us walked away having learned from it, along with an appreciation of what each group can bring to an emergency. The “victim” a mannequin, was found within two hours, with an additional 1/2 hour extrication from the gorge. Very hard work on a hot evening. Thank you to all of the hard working people that serve our citizens, and a big shout out to the Dakotas Region, Red Cross, for your support, hydration and food. Thank you!

Exciting Weather? Do You Have a Plan?

Following this past weekends weather, the question comes to mind of how many plans we need to have in place.

When there is a celebration in a town, are you aware of where the shelters are located? Basements in businesses uptown in Langdon or other towns can be used as shelters from severe summer weather.



If your children aren’t with you, do you have a plan and has it been shared and practiced with them? What happens when the sirens sound? Where should we all meet up so we know everyone is safe? Do your kids know what to do, where to go? Do they have a safe home if you aren’t available?


All of these examples are reasons that planning is a necessary part of life. I would love to be able to say that nothing bad will ever happen, if I did though, I would be wrong, so terribly wrong.

Make a plan, share it and practice it. You may save a life. A life of someone you love.

Summer Storms and Other Shelter Needs

According to how to shelter depends on the hazard you are sheltering from.
I’ll use two hazards from our Multi-hazard Mitigation Plan: Tornado/Wind Storm and Hazardous Materials.
During a tornado we all know that you should shelter in a basement, or on the lowest level away from corners, windows, doors and outside walls. Practice this with your family so everyone knows that when your NOAA all hazard radio announces a tornado warning, you all head for the designated shelter area. I personally recommend having items ready to grab on days when storms are forecast. Put entertainment items such as books or games, snack items and water on the steps leading down to the shelter. That way you don’t have to search for them and you’ll have something to do while you wait out the storm.

For hazardous materials release we still shelter indoors but you would take extra precautions to keep the contamination from getting into your home.
Here is information from on SEALING A ROOM.
As always, pass this information along to friends, neighbors, family. Do drills to make these actions routine. You never know what calamity could strike, when. STAY SAFE!