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Information for you to build your plans

Draft Cavalier County Multi-hazard Mitigation Plan

The Cavalier County Multi-hazard Mitigation Plan is available in draft form at the Emergency Management Office located in the Cavalier County Courthouse. Public comment is requested and welcomed. Cavalier Co MHMP – Draft II (Pre-LEPC)

Make a Plan

This fall, sit down with your family and develop a plan. You’ll feel much better when an emergency or disaster occurs if you can have contact with your family. Figure out how to communicate in a disaster. Where will you meet up? What if you can’t be the one to pick up your young children?… Read More »

Shelter in Place from

When evacuation to shelters is either inappropriate or impossible, you may be asked to stay where you are. This could be something as simple as just staying in your home or place of employment, while officials clear a hazard, or it could require more active steps, taken during emergencies involving contaminated air. Identify a room… Read More »

Pets? Include Them in your Plans!

PLANNING AHEAD PLAN Plan your pet’s evacuation prior to the disaster to include asking others familiar with your pets to assist in the event you’re not able to. Let your vet know if someone else is authorized to make decisions regarding your pet’s care (i.e. surgery). Make sure your pet has current ID and vaccination… Read More »

Disaster Plan

How about developing a disaster plan? How would you find your family if you are separated? How do you communicate in an emergency? Decide where your household will reunite after a disaster, Choose 2 places to meet: one right outside your home and another outside of your neighborhood, such as the church, out building, neighbors… Read More »

Maintain your kit once it’s built!

It’s important to maintain your kit once you put it together. Here’s the link. There is nothing worse than thinking you’re prepared, only to find out that the water is stale and the nutrition bars are rancid!