Cavalier County is addressed according to the Modified Burkle Address rules. What this means, is that the county mile lines running north and south are Avenues, the mile lines running east and west are Streets. If you live on the north or west side, your address will end in an odd number, on the east or south an even number. The street numbers begin at 78 St. and get larger as you go north and the avenues start at 77 Ave. and get larger as you go east.

Your address should coincide with where you live in the mile, miles have been divided into 1/100th intervals, so if you are on the east side of 98 Ave, on as an example 80 St.,  1/2 mile up the road, your address should be 9850 80 St. NE.

If you notice that you are not addressed properly, please feel free to call my office at any time.

This applies to homes in the rural areas, cities and towns have their own addressing rules.


When calling 911 from the road, please keep your cellular phone by the window or dash or step just outside of the door.

Satellites need to send a signal to the GPS chip in your phone only then, can 911 dispatchers  capture your location.

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